General Conditions

General conditions


1. General

1.1 These sales conditions shall at all times constitute an integral, indisputable, and irrevocable part of each and every written agreement as confirmed between the guest and the hotel Vé. 

1.2 All prices are quoted inclusive of VAT.

2.  Confirmations

2.1 The reservation shall be considered definitive only after the requested advance payments and/or deposits in guarantee have been received or after a credit card number has been supplied in confirmation of the reservation.

3.  Advances and Guarantees 

3.1 The hotel shall be entitled to request that the guest pay an advance and/or a deposit in guarantee of his/her reservation.

3.2 In the event that the required advances and/or deposits are not paid within the requested term, the event contract shall de iure and in good right, and without need for a notice of default, be considered as having been unilaterally breached on the part of the client and at his/her charge.

4. Changes to the number of participants or
cancellation of a reserved event by the guest

Change to the number of participants: 

4.1 Each and every change to the number of participants in a reserved event must be communicated in writing to the hotel, and this earlier than three days prior to its scheduled date.

4.2 In the event of a notice of change in the number of participants not conform to article 4.1, the originally booked number of participants or the actual number of participants present at the event shall be counted, whichever of the two is the greater.

Cancellation of an event: 

4.3 In case you are cancelling room reservations earlier than seven days prior to the scheduled event, this cancellation will not incur any charges. In case you are cancelling more than 3 rooms during the period between 7 days and 1 day prior to the planned event, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. In case you cancel fewer rooms between 7 days and 1 day prior to the event, this cancellation shall not incur a cancellation charge. 

In the event that you cancel room reservations after 4 PM on the day prior to your arrival, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee. 

5. Extra charges

5.1 The hotel shall charge all meals, beverages, or other services that are not included in the agreement to the guest that booked the reservations, unless the hotel has been advised in writing that these charges are to be settled individually by the participants.

6. Liability and responsibility 

6.1 The guest booking the reservation shall keep the hotel free and harmless against each and every claim for indemnification of damage lodged by third parties in the event that said damage was caused by any participant(s) in his event.

6.2 Likewise, the guest shall be held liable for all damage and/or injury caused to the hotel and its personnel by any participant(s) in his event.

7. Payment 

7.1 All invoices presented by the Hotel Vé are payable in cash at the hotel’s address, without any discount, upon receipt of the invoice. In the event that the invoice is not paid at the due date (30 days of invoice date), the amount billed shall without any prior notice of default be increased by collection costs of 10% on the outstanding amount and an arrears interest of 10%.

8. Jurisdiction

8.1 Each and every dispute arising from our invoices shall be settled by judgement of the court with jurisdiction in the district of Malines.